Public Safety

Mission Statement

“The Brownsville Police Department with its servant leadership philosophy will serve and protect in partnership with the community.”

Brownsville Police Department

The Brownsville Police Department published the 2019 Annual Crime Report, an index of crimes reported during the calendar year. This Annual Crime Report is generated every year and submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Index crimes are divided into seven categories: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft and motor vehicle theft. In 2019, there were a total of 5,221 index crimes reported in the City of Brownsville as compared to 5,478 in 2018, a decrease of approximately 5%.

The Brownsville Police Department continues to innovate and modernize through the leveraging of technology and modern-day practices. It was the first police department in the Rio Grande Valley to partner with Ring, the home surveillance company. It has trained and launched drone teams, made system updates through NEST and installed two safe exchange zones for the public across the City. For more information on any of the Brownsville Police Department’s initiatives, please visit

Mission Statement

We pledge to proactively serve the public by providing solace and adaptable solutions during emergency responses while fostering a safe environment through education and training that exudes hope, pride and professional service.

Brownsville Fire Department

The Brownsville Fire Department strives to be on the forefront of technology and innovation to provide the best customer service and care to the citizens of Brownsville. In 2019, the department was awarded a $1.3 Million SAFER grant, made available through the Department of Homeland Security. Through this grant, the Brownsville Fire Department was able to fund 15 new firefighter positions that include benefits.

Additionally, the Fire Department added two transit ambulances, two pumpers, one ladder truck, and three all-terrain ambulances. These All-Terrain units are an invaluable transport vehicle able to maneuver in compromised areas where a full size ambulance cannot enter. They offer off-road rescue capabilities, enclosed patient compartment for privacy, full size stretcher, attendant bench seat, safe and comfortable transport. In 2001, the Brownsville Fire Department and Brownsville EMS merged in an effort to better serve the community with dual certified firefighters and Paramedics. While fires are still frequent, nationwide, medical calls comprise up to 80% of emergency calls in the fire service.

The Brownsville Fire Department is equipped with a special operation division which consists of a Hazardous Material Team, Dive and Swift Water Rescue Team and an Unmanned Aerial Team. Now, with the introduction of the new Trail Ambulances, the department is better suited to respond various specialized medical emergencies.

Interlocal Cooperation Contract

The City of Brownsville has entered into an Interlocal cooperation contract with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) for the development of a Joint Tactical Training Facility.

This Facility is intended to be for the use of DPS, the Brownsville Police Department, Texas military forces, county and municipal law enforcement agencies and other law enforcement, including those of the federal government.

The Joint Tactical Training Facility is estimated to be a $8.5 Million investment amongst all the agencies and will be located within the Brownsville city limits.

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