Planning, Zoning and Development

Building Brownsville

With input from the development community and and residents, the City of Brownsville approved the adoption of the Unified Development Code (UDC) and zoning map in December 2020. The project was initiated by the City Commission and is one of the governing body’s major accomplishments last year. The UDC regulates the use and development of all property within the City of Brownsville and replaces a regulatory document that was created in the 1960s that did not encourage contemporary and sustainable development.

Adoption of the 2018 Building Trade Codes

Not only did the City adopt, for the first time in history, a Unified Development Code, but it also updated its construction and building trade codes with the adoption of the IRC 2018, IBC 2018, IPC 2018, IMC 2018, NEC 2017, IFGC 2018 and Existing Building Code 2018 for a consistent and streamlined approach towards redeveloping our Historic Downtown and developing new areas of the City.

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