COVID-19 Pandemic 

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Brownsville has remained committed to providing the community with critical messaging. 


In order to do this, city leaders convene and plan ways to distribute information on where the public can receive COVID-19 vaccinations, testing, and other nationally recognized resources. By utilizing ARPA and Texas Department of State Health Services funding, the Communications and Marketing Department has been persistent in working hand in hand with the Public Health Department, to reduce the rate of this virus’ transmission through efficient messaging. 


Efforts to do this have included BTX Cares Talks and BTX Cares Car Wraps

BTX Cares Talks is public programming dedicated to providing the community with critical public health updates. The program typically airs every Wednesday and was streamed on Facebook and YouTube. It proved to be integral to the community because it was delivered in both English and Spanish

The BTX Cares Car Wraps started as a campaign where city vehicles were used as blank canvases with the purpose of closing the communication gap that existed between COVID-19 critical messaging and the City of Brownsville’s community. By utilizing this method, individuals within the community who do not have digital access were able to still view critical messages throughout town via city vehicles.