Public Safety

The Street Lighting Beautification Project 

The Street Lighting Beautification Project is an initiative that the City of Brownsville is pleased to take part in with the support from Brownsville PUB. Both organizations are working together to install approximately 167 new light fixtures on E. Elizabeth St., E. Washington St., and E. Adams St. between International Blvd. and E. 8th Street, and then along E. Levee St. between E. 10th and E. 13th St.  

The total purchase was $855,450, with each light pole roughly costing $5,122.46 and was made possible through a donation made by the Musk Foundation. The added benefit is that the light poles are LED and are highly energy efficient. Currently, the City of Brownsville is identifying other areas within Brownsville to expand this light pole project, depending on future funding.