The City of Brownsville is Going Digital! 

Middle Mile

Broadband Network 

On July 5, 2021, the Brownsville City Commission approved $19.5 million from American Rescue Plan funds for broadband development, eliminating the digital divide within the city. This funding will allow for the installation of the Middle Mile Broadband Network, which will include 95 miles of underground fiber that will meet high-speed internet connectivity needs and demands. 

ICMA Public Management Magazine 

The International City/County Management Association’s Public Management Magazine, which is an association that represents local governments, released an article in September 2021 that highlighted ways in which Latino populations were expanding broadband access to help reverse the vulnerabilities exposed by the pandemic, such as schoolchildren not being able to attend their virtual classes. Through the City of Brownsville’s investment in their middle mile network will increase broadband access for the entire community and eliminate the digital divide. 


Parking Meters 

As an extension of the Downtown Revitalization Project, the Downtown Parking Meter Project was done to replace 386 single space obsolete parking meters that were made in the 1990s, with irreplaceable parts. Funded through the Parking Meter Fund, 65 new pay stations, from Flowbird, will meet the needs and demands of the 21st Century in that they will provide the user with the option to use coins, debit/credit cards, as well as touchless pay, such as Apple and Google Play, respectively. 

Accela Solutions 

As a part of the City of Brownsville’s Strategic Automation Plan, the city has invested in Accela Solutions, a platform which enables online access for citizens and customers to interact and do business with the City of Brownsville. Additionally, this platform will improve staff efficiencies, increase productivity, enable informed decision making, improve outcomes with mobile capabilities and provide faster-time-to value. 

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)   

The Capital Improvement Plan is a five-year plan that prioritizes different capital projects

Learn more on The City of Brownsville's Capital Improvement Plan Dashboard

What is a capital project? 

A capital project is defined as a set of activities which includes one or more of the following: 

  • Delivery of a distinct capital asset or improvement to an existing capital asset which will become an asset of the City of Brownsville and be recorded in the financial records of the City as a capital asset under generally accepted accounting principles and applicable city policies. 
  • Any engineering study or master plan needed for the delivery of a capital project. 
  • Any major repair, renovation, or replacement that extends the useful operational life by at least five years or expands capacity of an existing facility