Quality of Life

The BTX Mobility Plan 

The BTX Mobility Plan is about getting people where they need to go using the best mode of transportation. It is being designed to use the best practices to determine the best transportation mode most appropriate to citizens’ travel needs while supporting economic vitality and quality of life. 

Sunday Service

BMetro augmented its services by adding Sunday Service, starting on July 23, 2021. This service provides additional service to meet the mobility needs of our citizens. As a way of giving back to the community, Fare-Free Sundays were implemented during the holiday season in the months of November and December as a way to encourage customers to use public transit as our economy recovers from


East Side Transfer Station 

The new East Side Transfer Station (ESTS) is the construction of a new passenger transfer station with 3 bus bays, bus layover parking, bike amenities, ADA sidewalk and ramps, canopy, electrical work, landscaping, lighting, and park & ride area. It will be located just blocks from the airport and serve to provide a hub for people living in east Brownsville. 

Musk Foundation 

During fiscal year 2021, The city of Brownsville received a donation from the Musk Foundation which allowed funding for various downtown projects such as the mural projects, the Façade program, and the Street Lighting Beautification Project. Specifically, the Downtown Mural Art Project was funded through the Musk foundation as a way to revitalize downtown, promote cultural awareness, and heighten the art community


The first mural that was commissioned was “BTX” by Teddy Kelly. Kelly’s work highlighted the endeavors that the city has taken to be both innovative and progressive while portraying the exchange of both traditional and modern values. 


The second mural commissioned was “The Other Side of the Cosmos”by Sofia Castellanos. The work highlights the importance of cultural exchange between the United States and Mexico. In collaboration with artists from UTRGV, Revival of Cultural Arts (ROCA), and other local partners, Castellanos put together a team to bring this mural to life. 

Façade Program

The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC), the City of Brownsville and the Musk Foundation, collaborated to pilot the Downtown Façade Beautification Program which consisted of soft washing façades of several downtown businesses from E. 11th Street to International Boulevard, between E. Elizabeth Street and E. Washington Street. 


The Downtown Façade Beautification Program is intended to encourage downtown property owners and business tenants to enhance the aesthetics of their exterior property thus attracting new businesses and customers.